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We are happy with our sponsors. Without sponsors we cannot perform at the level we do now.
We are a foundation that runs entirely on volunteers, and we receive no subsidy.
To be able to do our work, to continue to reunite people with their most precious possessions, we need help.
If you sponsor us as a company, we will place a link to your website. We also place the company logo in our banner slider.

Found-lost is often in the news
Our quests all tell special stories, which are regularly picked up by the media.
You will regularly come across the special stories we have contributed to in the newspaper or magazine, on the internet and on TV.
Partly for this reason, our website is heavily visited, so that you as a sponsor can also expect the necessary attention.
We are always grateful for financial support, but also for sponsorship in goodies.

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Found-lost works together with a number of parties, which means that we can be found faster in the event of an emergency.
But our volunteers are also better able to carry out their hobby.
Our partners in this are:

Our sponsors from the past :

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Then we would be delighted if you could become a sponsor.
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We like to help as many people as possible, also internationally.
We really appreciate it if you can share our name and our website within your network, so that even more people get to know our work.
We are active within the Netherlands, the EU and increasingly worldwide.
Wherever in the world we can help, we are happy to do it.
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Our website reaches a lot of people.
The more people we reach the better that means the more people we can help.
Sharing our name, website and posts we appreciate enormously.

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